Saturday, August 13, 2011


A beignet in Gabon is a circular, deep-fried dough that is covered in sugar.  In the cities, it is as common as manioc or cassava.  In the village, it was a treat.  There was only one woman, the village chief's wife, in the village of Ebe that made beignets and when she was not there, the sweet tooth waited.  This is a small painting of the chief's wife.  "Making beignets", watercolor.


  1. Mbolo! Ma dji abui mekala a Cameroun. Ane abeng. Ve, mndji yen CD ya Rene Ben. Peut-être, il n'est pas trop populaire au Cameroun.

  2. M'bolo, bro. He was in the anglophone side of Cameroon, somewhere near Kribi. I can't remember anymore. That's too bad you can't find it.